Using Graphic Language: A Short History of Figure Poems

I miss Milwaukee sometimes. On warmer nights, I used to run along Lake Michigan and wait for the sunset, before jogging home to work on the book. One of the best things about those runs was looking at sculpture against the backdrop of the Wisconsin sunset. What always caught my eye was a piece by Catalan artist JaumeContinue reading “Using Graphic Language: A Short History of Figure Poems”

Signing Off: Greek Artisan Signatures in Antiquity

It was Mae West who said that a man’s signature was his kiss, but in antiquity, some artisans preferred to leave their kisses in stone via signaturae artificum. Recently I have been rather interested in the signatures of artisans in antiquity, and have been doing a bit of collecting on the idea. It all got started aContinue reading “Signing Off: Greek Artisan Signatures in Antiquity”

The Hand of God: Depicting Legitimacy in Late Antiquity

As virtually every ancient or medieval historian has done in their career, I will kick us off today with a scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. We cut to a general addressing a rather sparse audience: “Well, of course, warfare isn’t all fun. Right. Stop that! It’s all very well to laugh at the Military, but,Continue reading “The Hand of God: Depicting Legitimacy in Late Antiquity”