Pleiades in the Classroom: A Mapping Webinar

Join us online at 10 am – 11:30 am (ET) on Friday, May 29th for a webinar broadcast from the Center for Hellenic Studies to discuss how to use the geospatial data housed in to enrich your classroom and your research. We will explore the site itself, but will also illustrate how one might make maps (for teaching or forContinue reading “Pleiades in the Classroom: A Mapping Webinar”

Mapping the Digital Humanities at the University of Iowa

As I drove from Milwaukee to Iowa City last year, I thought about the digital humanists at the University of Iowa and the diversity of their work. Though the richness of the digital interfaces for the projects had drawn me in, it was their scope – the methodologies, the content, the geographic focus – that grippedContinue reading “Mapping the Digital Humanities at the University of Iowa”