Pleiades in the Classroom: A Mapping Webinar

Join us online at 10 am – 11:30 am (ET) on Friday, May 29th for a webinar broadcast from the Center for Hellenic Studies to discuss how to use the geospatial data housed in to enrich your classroom and your research. We will explore the site itself, but will also illustrate how one might make maps (for teaching or for publication), run classroom exercises (e.g. mapping the path of the Justinianic plague), and allow students to contribute their own research to the site. At the conclusion of the workshop, we hope to open it up to questions and get some feedback on how you use Pleiades to teach. The site already houses almost 35,000 places from the ancient Mediterranean world, but with the help of others within the Pelagios consortium and Maxim Romanov’s digital Islam work, more and more late antique and medieval places are being added.
Google Hangout:

YouTube Link to Watch:
Hope to see you there!
The Pleiades Editorial Board

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