‘Pie Zeses’: Toasting To A New Year

Another year of blogging is almost in the proverbial books and I must say that while 2016 was a wretched year socio-politically, it was professionally quite satisfying. My first book, Trade and Taboo was published and I even began writing for Forbes regularly. There is no doubt that I have much to be thankful for as... Continue Reading →

I Wear My Sunglasses at the Fight? The Emperor Nero and the History of Sunglasses

Nero princeps gladiatorum pugnas spectabat in smaragdo. The princeps Nero viewed the combats of the gladiators in a smaragdus. -- Pliny, Natural History, 37.16. There are many fantastical stories to be found in Pliny the Elder's Natural History. Part of the lure of this encyclopedic work is the (often misleading) conviction with which the statesman explored the objects, peoples, and places... Continue Reading →

Hail, Caesar: A Classicist’s Movie Review

It is about 43 minutes since we got out of seeing 'Hail, Caesar!', the Coen brothers' new movie about a Tinseltown film studio during the 1950s. I enjoyed the film immensely, and, well, I have some frayed, butter stained theater napkin notes about the multiple classical allusions in the film. Before we get to the allusions, let's talk... Continue Reading →

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