Nefertiti and Digital Colonialism: A Short Bibliography

I am not an Egyptologist. My specialities are digital humanities, epigraphy, and the laws of the late Roman Empire. The beauty of academia and of journalism is that far more brilliant people than you can allow exploration of intellectual terrain through their research, writing, and excavation.

This is certainly the case for my new article out now at Hyperallergic, What the “Nefertiti Hack” Tells Us About Digital Colonialism. As per usual, I wanted to use my personal blog to elaborate on the process and sources for the piece, which I began writing in 2017 and only finished in the last week. Of utmost import is that you read the Tyldesley and Geismar books.

Digital render of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin’s 3D scan of the underside of the bust of Nefertiti with CC license digitally added. The bust was acquired in 2019 by Cosmo Wenman (image via Cosmo Wenman and under a CC-BY-NC license).

AD&D 4D, “What is the genuine Nefertiti? (CC Attribution).

Al-Badri, Nora and Jan Nikolai Nelles. 2015. “The Other Nefertiti.
3D model Files: > direct download ; .stl file as a torrent > torrent download

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SMB digital, Online collections database, via the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

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_____2018b. “How Nefertiti’s bust ended up in Germany,” Financial Review. February 23, 2018.

Wenman, Cosmo. “Nefertiti 3D Scan Foia,” Accessed May 25, 2021.

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